Friday, August 11, 2006

Ciro Rodriguez to Run for TX-23

It's official, after days of "touring" the newly redrawn 23rd congressional district, Ciro will be running against Bonilla. Julian Castro, the former councilman and mayoral candidate, has opted not to run, although many in the district were asking him to run:

"I appreciate the interest in my candidacy," Castro said, "but I will not be a candidate in this race."

He declined further comment, except to say: "If there's a race I'm looking forward to, it's the 2009 mayor's race."

It's going to be tough for Ciro to beat Bonilla, let alone make it to a runoff, especially if a moderate Democrat like Pete Gallego enters the race. It'll be next to impossible if Ciro has to compete with other candidates from Bexar County or San Antonio, who will end up splitting Democratic support in this part of the district. Ciro doesn't have much money left and it's doubtful if donors will line up to back the two-time loser, who lost his second consecutive primary race this past March. If he loses again this time, he may set the record for most consecutive losses in such a short period of time.

I still think Castro could have beaten everyone, BTW.


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