Sunday, August 06, 2006

Whither Rahm and the DCCC in CD-23, Texas?

There's a great post up on Daily Kos about the need for Rahm Emanuel to step in early and back a strong, Bexar county Democrat in TX-23. Here's an excerpt:

Has the DCCC fallen asleep at the wheel in the race for the 23rd Congressional District in Texas? Presently, the DCCC is considering making a substantial investment in about 30 of the most competitive House races nationwide. I've got news for them--CD 23 in Texas figures to be a highly competitive, if not one of the MOST competitive House races in the Southwest.

The main thing that the DCCC needs to understand is that only a Bexar County (San Antonio) Democrat can win this race. Just look at the numbers in the newly redrawn district--57 percent of the Voting Age Population of the CD-23 is in Bexar County. Check out this analysis:

Under the new map, Mr. Bonilla's district includes the heavily Hispanic and Democratic neighborhoods of southern Bexar County. It also will be more evenly divided between Democratic and Republican voters.

This means that the overwhelming percentage of Democratic votes will come from Bexar County, and not the more sparsely-populated, western portion of the district.

So that basically leaves Ciro and Julian. And if I'm Rahm Emanuel, I would not back a candidate fresh off 2 consecutive losses in congressional campaigns. This is looking more and more like a Castro-Bonilla race in November.


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